Asking the right questions

Determining the right packaging for your product is more than picking a bottle, container or closure from a catalog. What product needs to be packed? Must the material be made from glass, plastic or metal? Are the closure and packaging matching te closing- and filling machine? What marketing requirements do you have? We ask the right questions and find the best answers.

Innovative packaging

Keizer international also develops new moulds and packaging for their customers. Due to our wide network it is possible launch new packaging with low cost in an efficient and fast way.

Knowledge about the production process

Besides our wide network of manufacturers, our own packaging specialist also have an extended knowledge about the different types of packaging, the products that are filled, the production technique, the filling conditions and the requirements regarding to shelf life or protection against UV radiation.

Working together into the future

We do not only guide our clients choosing the right packaging for their product. We continue to serve our customers, especially after our products have been delivered. This is how we work collaboratively at every step of the process.

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