About us

Keizer International started as supplier of primary packaging in 1982. After our office had been located in different locations, we are now established in Andelst. Because of our centrally situated office we can quickly reach out to all our customers. Within or outside the Benelux. Due to our quality, reliability and flexibility we had the chance to grow into number one packaging specialist and packaging supplier for the entire Benelux

Our vision

With close to forty years of experience, at Keizer International we are committed to working collaboratively with our customers to meet their specific needs whilst maintaining our high-quality product standards. We emphasize efficiency, practicality and clear communication between stakeholders to ensure we optimally serve and advice our clients through every step of the production process.


Our international network allows us to stay up-to-date on all trends and developments in the packaging industry. We translate these innovations into new opportunities for our clientele. This also goes the other way around; when our customers and potential customers come up with new ideas, we like to think along about the possibilities.


There are many developments in the field of sustainability in the packaging industry. We would like to get in contact with you about the possibilities in your production chain.

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